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Allan Parker (OAM)

Visionary. Passionate. Brilliant.

From pro-golfer and ultra-marathon runner (twice completing 24-hour races), to negotiating unanimous agreement for United Nations across 462 delegates from 192 countries, Allan Parker remains fascinated by applied neuro-science and has made a lifetime study of micro-behaviours.

As a Behavioural Scientist and the Managing Director of Peak Performance Development operating in the areas of Negotiation, Organisational Change Facilitation, Training and Dispute Management, Allan’s work includes facilitation of Public Policy, Organisational Change, Strategic Planning, Corporate Restructures and Mergers with many leading organisations in Australia and Internationally. 

He is the co-author of the best-selling book Switch on Your Brain, author of The Negotiator’s Toolkit and is one of the co-authors of Beyond Yes – Negotiating and Networking.

More: PeakPD.com

Allan Parker (OAM)

Major Matina Jewell (Ret'd) CSP

Powerful. Warm. Inspirational.

Decorated retired Army Major Matina Jewell (Ret’d) knows about leading in crisis; her story is a series of jaw-dropping near-misses, military failures, heart-breaking loss and the pain and redemption of rebuilding a shattered life. But of all of Matina’s astonishing traits – and there are many – it’s her ability to draw a positive life lesson from every precarious situation she has ever faced, that makes her especially intriguing.

Major Matina Jewell (Ret’d) grew up in the hinterland of Byron Bay and joined the Army at age 17 and during her 15-year military career:

  • Served on five missions and earned nine military medals
  • Is the only Australian to receive two Republic of Lebanon war medals for acts of bravery on the battlefield and being wounded in combat
  • Completed the physically demanding Navy divers’ course
  • Served with American Navy Seals
  • Tracked-down war lords in the Solomon Islands
  • Fast-roped from helicopters and boarded smuggler ships in the Arabian Gulf, and
  • Was posted as a Peacekeeper with the United Nations in Syria and Lebanon.

Medically retired, Matina served on the Prime Ministerial Advisory Council and continues to champion change for our injured war veterans. Among her many honorary roles, Matina is a founding Ambassador for Project Thankful, a movement partnered with the United Nations to help empower women and children globally. Matina has been featured on the ABC’s Australian Story, is a best-selling author of her memoir Caught in the Crossfire. Her life story has been optioned for a global feature film.

More: MatinaJewell.com

Congratulations AP and Matina. AP you have worked so hard to set so many of us up to cope in this world as it is today. Thank you so much.

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